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There's Nothing Wrong with Me, Right? 4 Part Series

What if nothing is and ever was wrong with you? What if anytime you were told you were bad, terrible, wrong, or a burden was a lie? If you acknowledged the gift you are to the world, how much more could you create, be, have and receive?
This call series invites you to move past the distractor implants (e.g., anger, guilt, shame, blame, regret, etc.) to uncover your gifts, discover what’s uniquely possible for you and for your loved ones. This call was inspired by “Have You Been Told the World Would Be a Better Place Without People with Special Needs?” a previous call and it goes beyond discussing those with special needs.

This is for anyone who has ever felt like they shouldn’t be on this planet. This is for anyone who would like to create something different even if the world doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge them.

Price: $123 USD
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Information on the Facilitator of this series, Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo by visiting this page: https://www.empoweringlightlanguage.com/aboutsiris

Siris Rivas is the owner of Empowering Light Language, Inc, where she provides a variety of pediatric services combining speech-language pathology, feeding therapy, learning-behavioral strategies and energetic modalities in a way that empowers individuals and families to choose more in their lives. She has a dual Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities and is an Access Bars® Practitioner, Access Body Process Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.

She creates a nurturing, fun and expansive space for people to access their true selves and increase their awareness around communication, interpersonal relationships, culture, health, body awareness and language, to name a few. She has been working and playing with kids and families for as long as she could remember and loves addressing people's points of views, judgments and limitations to increase awareness, expand their world and create more fun, ease and adventure !